Games With a Higher Purpose

Yu Ming
Creative Coding Class

NOTE: Some of these games are still being developed. Please be patient if features are not implemented yet 👷 🚧 😊

For best experience, run these games on a computer preferably in a Chrome browser not on a mobile device.

Click on each picture to play a game.

Many games have a quote from their creator about why they made their game.


“The war in Ukraine. I care about this issue because if the Ukrainians lose the war, the Russians will take over the world and start WWIII”

The mass extinction is the issue that we are addressing. We care about this issue because the pace of how fast animals are going extinct is alarming, and it needs to be told. The animals affect our planet, and we must try our best to conserve them.”


My game is about climate change, which I care about because it is eventually make it very hard to live on earth.”

“Its about getting hunger points so your not hungry. i care about this issue because some people don't have food”

It is about planting trees. It is important because trees play a big part of our health.”


WARNING: This game has a sensitive topic of death. DO NOT CLICK if this is a trigger.

“To stop people from dying, my group made a series of games to show dangerous things that you should avoid doing.”


Sorting your trash into the right bin/Trash issues”

“my game is about trash, i think that if people keep on littering, the world will DIE”

“My game is about trash cleanup and not to litter. It matters to me because I think littering is really very super duper bad, because the animals could die and the Earth could die”

This game is about collecting trash from the ocean. I care about it because I don't want our planet to be polluted and for the sea animals to die off.

Recycling, I care about recycling because it is good for nature.”

Activists created these games in coding classes with Teacher Lana 🧑🏻‍🏫

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